A beautiful blonde hair big blue eye women wanted me to take pictures or her beautiful blonde hair and equally big gorgeous blue eyed baby and I couldn’t pass it up. Emylee was going to be turning one soon and I was honored to take her pictures.

As with all of my pictures, I seek to capture the natural self of people. The natural faces they make, their genuine smile and body movements. I try to do this in environments that capture the beauty of their features and with Emylee matching her features really goes with anything. So I decided on a park setting at the Des Moines beach. Something relaxing and not to intimating for her.

Some babies and children are scared or nervous in front of the camera and it takes a great amount of effort to get them to feel comfortable. An easy way for parents to ensure a good photo experience for their little ones is to make sure they have taken their naps, ate some healthy foods or snacks, gone to the bathroom and not to dress them in overtight or uncomfortable clothing. After all, if the model isn’t into it, the pictures will show it. Luckily, Emylee was a sweetheart! So expressive with her face and with mom and grandma there to help make goofy faces with her, it made capturing some great shots so much easier.

I brought with me mobile studio backdrop and used an old barn at the beach along with the natural beauty of the forest for her series. We made the wardrobe changes quick and got great results. So happy with this set with this happy and cheerful baby.